Why hiring managers should be educated about diversity policies

by L&D20 Sep 2016

Think diversity policies for hiring new staff are widespread across Australia and New Zealand? Think again.

Only 52% of organisations in those two countries have one, according to new research by Hays.

Of those, 32% either don’t know if it is adhered to or admit that it is generally not adhered to.

Moreover, 33% of organisations have no diversity policy in place for hiring new staff, and 15% are genuinely unsure if they have such a policy in place.

Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand said that if you’re wondering why we still need to have conversations around diversity it’s simply because we are yet to achieve real workplace diversity.

He added that one of the reasons could be the number of employers who either don’t have a diversity policy in place for recruitment, or don’t know if they have one.

“Despite all the talk, genuine widespread workplace diversity will remain out of reach if organisations can’t even take the matter seriously enough to put a policy in place and make sure it’s adhered to,” said Deligiannis.

“As recruiting experts our consultants witness thousands of selection and hiring decisions every day. We aim to present employers with a diverse shortlist of candidates, but often the candidates our clients then select for interview are not diverse.

Deligiannis said it’s obvious employers need help to develop a deeper understanding about what will drive positive diversity change.

“But employers too need to step up and put practical measures in place, including policies and educating hiring managers to adhere to them, if we are to improve workplace diversity,” he added.

The findings come from the Hays Salary Guide and is based on a survey of 2,752 organisations representing over 2.6 million (2,686,179) employees in Australia and New Zealand.