Why MYOB is embracing virtual reality

by L&D06 Sep 2016
On their first day at MYOB, new employees are transported to the top of Melbourne’s Eureka Skydeck, to a basketball court, to a rally car and even to a fighter jet high in the sky - all without leaving the office.
Indeed, the accounting software provider’s onboarding process now includes a 360-degree virtual reality “welcome video” that explains why MYOB exists, what it means to work there and how they operate.
When MYOB were looking at the redesign of their onboarding process, their key objectives were to make it inspiring, engaging, entertaining and fun.
“We have called our new onboarding process ‘Immersion’, and what could be more immersive than a VR experience?” said Alla Keogh, Head of People and Performance at MYOB.
“It turns a passive experience into an active one, and this has a strong impact on the individual who has had that experience. It really is a powerful way to get some of our key messages across.

"The video follows a number of our employees through different experiences talking about our values and the things that we stand for as a business."
Not only do MYOB's new employees get a kick out of the VR, but their existing ones do too.
“We have had existing employees queuing up to participate in the experience,” Keogh told L&D Professional.
“Many of them watch it several times, not just once.”
MYOB have arranged a VR device to be in each of their offices in Australia and New Zealand so every employee has the opportunity to be involved.
“The reality is that we are a software business and we employ technical people,” said Keogh.
“They are all digital natives and they love to dabble in new technology for fun.
“We really want to bring that to them in their employment experience. We want their employment experience to be high-tech and reflective of our brand.”
In the future, MYOB hope to use VR more often in their L&D to complement their current e-learning solutions and support some of their face-to-face workshops.
There are many different aspects of L&D that VR can be useful for, said Keogh.
This includes soft skills development, such as communication skills, presentation skills and sales skills. Not to mention compliance-based training like OH&S and office familiarisation sessions.
“I think those types of training lend themselves really well to this kind of immersive experience,” she said.
In particular, Keogh said it’s really important for L&D professionals and HR professionals to make sure they have the opportunity to innovate and do things differently to keep things fresh for employees.
“For us, we have taken something that could have been a dry piece of content and turned it into something really engaging, entertaining and fun.”
MYOB were a HRD Employer of Choice 2016 (500+ employees). The Employer of Choice Awards are voted on by the employees.

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