Why recording L&D is valuable to an innovative workplace

by John Hilton27 Nov 2015
Envato is no stranger to workplace flexibility and innovative training programs.

Indeed, the technology company offers working from home training online and ensures that people can access it when and where they want to, and in a way that suits them, said James Law, HR Director at Envato.

 “I think that training that is more easily transferable into the online medium should be done in that way and that might include things that are a bit more compliancy in nature,” said Law.

Additionally, the company ensures that its primary caregivers understand that when they are on maternity leave they can access their L&D budgets if that’s what they want to do.

Law said that their approach to flexibility comes out the fact that the company has progressed with people stationed all over the world.

“We have grown up as a global organisation with contractors all around the world. The concept of time zones or separate locations and looking at things asynchronously has been part of our DNA,” he told L&D Professional.

To that end, Envato also make it a priority to record their L&D whenever and wherever it seems fit.

“Pretty much anything that happens (in L&D), we’ll have a video player on it unless it seems unsuitable for that type of medium," he said.

“It might be a session that needs to happen face-to-face, but that’s pretty rare.”

Recording L&D is particularly important given they have other programs around flexibility which allows employees to work away from the office.

This includes a policy which lets staff work from anywhere in the world for three months, in addition to the fact that the majority of their employees already work from home at least one day a week.

The training initiatives they record includes their Envato Talks where someone internally will stand up in front of everybody and talk about something they are passionate and know a lot about, said Law.

“It’s a great way of sharing learning with so many smart people here and that can be viewed by anyone at any time,” he said.

“A lot of people come into the business and look back over those and say: ‘That looks interesting, I might have a go at that’.”

Envato also record all their stand-up meetings which involves talking about what’s happening in the business over the next two weeks, said Law.

“They are all recorded and sent out so our people don’t have to be at that meeting, or even at the office.”

Further, Envato record their broader six monthly L&D. That includes training around certain aspects of the digital legal landscape, such as competition law.