Why there’s a new breed of leader in town

by L&D04 Jul 2016
A new breed of leader has sprung up, according to Nikki Fogden-Moore, lifestyle coach, speaker and author of the new book, Vitality.

“They are healthy, wealthy and wise. They have a sense of energy, are well presented, mentally agile and dynamic - in both personal and business acumen.  They are the Fitpreneur,” said Fogden-Moore.

“They plan their week, connect with their teams and share the importance of personal and commercial accountability."

She added that the largest asset inside an organisation is the people, and culture “does not come from the paper it’s written on, but the actions of those in charge”.

As businesses are squeezed more by technology, time, virtual teams, shift work, automation and a lack of personal connection - it’s more crucial than ever to bring strong leadership, she added.

This must demonstrate a personal approach to integrating work life choices that are positive and encourage a sense of purpose in and out of office hours. 

Fogden-Moore outlined four ways to "get your mojo back" as a manager
  1. Identify people inside your organisation that clearly demonstrate clear headed personal accountability - tap into them and make them part of your dream team to lead by example.
  2. Ask yourself: Do I know my staff, and am I connecting with energy and presence or always too busy and stressed out? What messages am I giving with my presentation and behaviour?
  3. Look at ways you can run your winning week with purpose and integrate the five key pillars of performance (health and fitness, admin, productivity, friends/family and ME time)
  4. Be a role model for your company - make time for your own physcial and mental wellbeing, choose healthy nutritious food that fuels your mind and your body, start looking at ways to support you and your teams to have better use of time, space and resources in all areas of life.
If lack of productivity, no shows and sick leave are crippling organisations - the fastest way to start creating change is for management themselves to start leading by example, said Fogden-Moore.

“Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, senior management and their actions create the culture. How we lead, communicate and demonstrate gets filtered through the organisation," she added.

Fogden-Moore said that it is not about doing push ups in a board meeting or setting up lunch time tennis for the entire company.

It’s actually about leading with a clear sense of personal purpose, business intelligence and a focused approach.

“Leaders who shine never stop learning - they continue to evolve, to share and develop skills that empower energy, experience and excellence in all they do - as an individual and for the business,” said Fogden-Moore.

“The Fitpreneur knows the importance of bringing both business and personal vitality to life for lasting results.”