Young workers need 'adequate' training: WorkSafe

by L&D26 Sep 2016
Between April 2015 and March 2016, a whopping 2554 injury claims were made by young workers, according to WorkSafe Victoria.

Indeed, nearly 50 people between the ages of 15 and 24 were injured every week during 2015-16.

WorkSafe Victoria is now calling on employers to provide “adequate training” to young workers after they were found to be more prone to workplace injuries.

In particular, young workers in construction, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality sustained the most injuries, with the manual handling listed as the main cause. Moreover, the most common injuries involved the hand, finger, and back.

Now, a new social media campaign has been released featuring CCTV footage of young workers in a range of industries about to conduct potentially dangerous workplace safety decisions.

Marnie Williams, WorkSafe executive director health and safety, said it was imperative for employers to provide suitable training to young workers.

“While the overall number of injuries to young workers has continued to decline over the past six years, it’s absolutely critical that employers are providing appropriate training, information, and advice,” she said.

“Employers must take time to educate their young workers of the potential risks involved in completing certain tasks, and how to control or eliminate those risks.

Teaching young workers how to properly operate machinery and equipment is also vital.”

Williams also said that younger workers are more oblivious to the long term effects of a workplace injury.

Earlier this month, the boot and clothing manufacturer RM Williams was fined $90,000 plus court costs after an employee’s fingers were crushed and burnt while operating machinery.

The worker was using a heated logo stamping machine for the first time without an interlocked guard, which then caused the accident.

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