Take a glimpse into the future of learning

We are living in a period of huge transformation in the workplace with the continued rise of technology all around us, and more generations working side by side. Even as Gen X managers face their own challenge of stepping into leadership positions, Gen Y is already here and requires a very different management style. 

At either end of the spectrum, more mature workers are staying in jobs, and in another five years Gen Z will be looking for work. Old training methods are not going to work in the workplace of the 2020’s because managers simply don’t have time to attend training as they face even bigger demands in the business, and the ‘Google is my teacher’ generation are already used to managing their own learning. 

But these challenges are also opportunities to make learning effective; this new white paper explores how we can push learning like never before, using 70:20:10 principles and technology to build Blended Learning 2.0.

Key topics covered in the paper:
  • The journey to the 2020s workplace and how L&OD is shaping up to meet the challenge
  • How to prepare your organisation for the rise of technology and the collision of generations
  • Blended Learning 2.0 – what it will look like
  • Tips, traps and best international practices in Blended Learning 2.0

Download the white paper